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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Sharing content faster via AirDrop on your iPhone and iPad

AirDrop is one of the most useful features that Apple has incorporated into iOS software. It is a feature that allows users to share contacts, photos, videos, songs, links and even podcasts via Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, AirDrop is only compatible between Apple mobile devices . So, it is usually only relevant when transferring very heavy files (videos, photo albums ...) or when we upgrade to a new iPhone / iPad.

Apple added the AirDrop button in the iOS 10 Control Center, so this is a really useful feature since it saves a lot of time and transfers are performed at a very high speed .

Share Safari Links

It's true that sharing a Safari link via iMessage (or any other messaging app) by pressing the action button in the Apple web browsing app is fairly quick and convenient. But when using AirDrop to share the links, the receiver simply has to press once on the screen to access the content.

Share contacts

When sharing contacts between two Apple devices, once again, AirDrop is far superior. Sending contacts via iMessage involves having to open the application, press the card and create a new contact. Through AirDrop, simply accept the transfer and save the contact.

Share podcasts

Let's say you're listening to a very interesting podcast on your iPhone or iPad. Thanks to AirDrop you can share it with your partner, family, or friend with a couple of taps on the screen of your device.

Share songs by Apple Music

Although only an option compatible with users subscribed to Apple Music, sharing songs via AirDrop simplifies transfer between two Apple devices to the maximum. In fact, when you share a song with AirDrop, it automatically plays on the receiving device .

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