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Friday, 13 January 2017

Snapchat for iPhone will have a powerful new search engine

Snapchat today announced via TechCrunch that it has just implemented a powerful new search engine in its app for both iOS and Android devices. This new feature will solve one of the main complaints of users of Snapchat, who find the content intuitively unusable to explore and add new users .

The goal of the new search functionality is none other than to streamline the user experience . To access the search engine simply in the app itself tap on the new search bar at the top of the camera interface. From there, you'll see the option to chat fast with your most frequent friends and groups, see new friends, add friends quickly and search for content.

From now on, you can search as much to find new friends as you already had , and for that you can use either your nick or your name. In addition, you can search for the daily news of the Discover channels and from Our stories, simply looking for the title.

Tapping and holding down someone's profile allows you to view your profile globally, while a quick click will suffice to start a chat. Finally, tapping on the user history icon you can see your public record.

users . This function is used to control large events, holidays and places around the world. Unlike its previous use, much more restricted when it comes to choosing whom to send it to. With this update, Snapchat will be able to receive content from all users and that it is she who decides what to add and what not.

So far, one of the biggest criticisms for Snapchat was the difficulty of finding people to follow. While its updating does not solve the problem at all, it is an intermediate step in the right direction, although it still does not provide recommendations .

Here you have a video with all the news:

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