Sony presents a camera smaller than the head of a match -


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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Sony presents a camera smaller than the head of a match

Sony has introduced two, the smallest sensors world with resolution of 1 Megapixel or more. They are intended for drones, IoT or wereables.

The cameras are one of the most important sections in the mobile and little by little are being integrated in more devices, from televisions to cars. But some devices are too small to implement normal sensors so manufacturers have to innovate and create smaller sensors.

And that's what Sony has done, which has recently announced a new sensor model, the smallest in the world, among those with 1 Mpx or more.

Two very small sensors

There are actually two announced sensors, one that can capture color images, the "IU233N2-Z" and another that only captures black and white, the "IU233N5-Z".

Both are designed for wearable devices, from bracelets to necklaces or clothing, where the thickness is key and even the sizes that are currently used in smartphones are too large.

The measures of the camera are shocking: 2.6 mm wide, 3.3 deep and 2.32 high which has also been designed to have a much lower energy expenditure than the current ones.

For bracelets, drones ...

The sensor has a resolution of 1 Megapixel, which is not intended for making high quality photographs.

However it does have a utility when we use it as a viewfinder in devices such as drones, video surveillance cameras or garments that we carry, where the presence of the camera is important, and not so much the resolution of it. The Internet of Things will be another sector in which they could have relevance.

In addition the weight of the sensor and the integrated circuit is 0.1 grams, which makes it ideal for devices that have to move.

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