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Friday, 27 January 2017

Soon you can share your location in real time with Whatsapp

The main messaging application in the world continues to add features to its repertoire , to get away from that first concept of a simple and quick app that both sold us at first, and that fit the audience so well. And as simple as it is, like any app, it should offer from time to time some new function that justifies not going to any of the alternatives like Telegram.

If not long ago we talked about how Whatsapp would adapt to work with Apple Watch at last, or how we would allow us to communicate via video call with those who matter most, in the purest style of Skype, today we bring you a function that without a doubt Will be of great help for the group stays. And very soon you can meet with your friends much more easily.

Your location, public only when you want it

As we commented, WhatsApp has been adding a lot of new useful functions, dedicated to make the Facebook app, the most complete in the market (after Messenger, of course). And the one that we have known today is not for less.

With the next major WhatsApp update, you'll be adding the option to share your location in real time with the people or groups you want, for a certain time. This new feature fits with the new commitment by the groups that Facebook is doing in all its platforms, to facilitate the stays between friends helping us in aspects that go from the place, to the way to find us once the day arrives, as it allows us this function.

Our privacy, safe?

It is possible that, after knowing the existence of this functionality in WhatsApp, you have the impression that Facebook will invade your privacy as soon as you exit the platforms is downloaded. However, you should know that using "Location Sharing" is disabled by default , and that, of course, is completely optional.

So, in this case there is no conspiranoic theory worth, we simply find a new way to meet with our friends much faster and more effective . And that is something to be thankful for.

Source | Twitter (WABetaInfo)

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