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Monday, 9 January 2017

Summary of CES 2017 with the best mobiles, accessories and miscellaneous gear

The Las Vegas fair ended on Sunday, so it's about summarizing the products that most excited them. Mobile phones, accessories, other devices ...

In the field of technology, each year begins with a good footing. Or what is the same: the CES consumer electronics centers during the first week of each year all interest of the geeks. It is not a fair paid to mobile devices, that's what the MWC in February, but there are enough news to fill an entire article.

We've been covering the CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Many articles were written. And here we summarize them so that you are to the last one in mobile technology.

New Samsung range A

The manufacturer starts strong a year that will be key to staying as number one on Android. In the absence of knowing what will happen with the Samsung Galaxy S8, the CES 2017 the brand new Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 brought.

Aimed at those who need a mobile good without the disbursement of a high - end, the Galaxy A7 have metal construction, elegant design, performance and chords to the final price, look here, protection against dust and water (IP68). A very good news, especially for a mobile more or less economic as it is the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017.

Xiaomi presents products outside China

We were expecting the Xiaomi conference at CES 2017, but we did not expect it to be so juicy. Seeing the company outside its borders is news, but the surprise was not there.

Xiaomi introduced a variant of the Xiaomi Mi Mix, now blank and international distribution. Also he pulled off a drone as fast as a car and a camera able to keep action game cuadricóptero. Not content with this renewed its range of routers and presented its figures to demonstrate how great this company is.

More mobile, but not too many

Xiaomi did not present a good smartphone, but so did Asus. In fact, there were two: the Asus Zenfone AR with Tango and Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom . The Zoom comes because the mobile has dual rear camera that allows you to apply optical zoom to the subject of the photo.

ZTE was among those who were reserved a surprise: a ZTE Blade V8 Pro that sold in the United States at a spectacular price considering its features; and with particular emphasis on photography with its dual rear camera. Envy that only room in the United States? The brand offers the ZTE Blade V8 . More accessible, but also with double camera. And a cell phone that is on Kickstarter, which we will not forget.

Known brands and models more or less expected, but there is a phone that has aroused tremendous excitement: the Graalphone. Well, it's not just a mobile, it's also a tablet and a camera. It's still experimental, but I hope they get it out.

Smart Watches with Android Wear

It is not that the smartwatch are booming, CES 2017 has been used to prove it. After the previous years where each brand had its bet we went to an event in which there was calm chicha. Although we did have a pair of smartwatch that will have to keep track.

The first thing we want to highlight is the new Casio, it will come with Android Wear 2.0. Aim high with his military resistance and his orientation to extreme sports. In addition, the G-Shock design feels fabled: we are willing to try one already.

Casio had already made a smartwatch with Android Wear, but New Balance neither expected with this system. Although it has achieved an excellent proposal for runners: the New Balance RunIQ is a watch sports - inspired, round dial and integrated Strava.

Miscellaneous devices: Android TV, Chromebooks ...

They were not ready for retirement, Android TV and Chrome OS are still more alive than ever. And nothing better than showing it with new products: the new Nvidia Shield TV and the latest Chromebooks from Samsung . Good bets from both manufacturers.

Robots, the CES 2017 should also have robots. As the LG , for example, a trio of droids designed to solve your communication with customers and domestic. NETAMO presented devices home automation and Qualcomm finally unveiled this ashbeast 2017, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. We will have a busy year.

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