Synaptics prepares a facial recognition and fingerprint recognition system for the iPhone 8 -


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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Synaptics prepares a facial recognition and fingerprint recognition system for the iPhone 8

Facing the CES 2017, the company Synaptics has announced a new multi-factor biometric engine for use in smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The new platform has been created in partnership with the company KeyLemon, and incorporates both facial recognition and the recognition of the fingerprint.

The presentation of this new technology would be an important news for us, but it turns out that Synaptics is a supplier of Apple company, so it's likely that face recognition will come with the iPhone in August .

How the Synaptics Facial Recognition System Works for the iPhone 8

The system will allow users to unlock their iPhone 8 (or any other smartphone or tablet) with different methods depending on what is most convenient for each.

This technology also provides additional security for financial transfers and to protect data and private information, as both methods of authentication may be required.

Since Synaptics introduced their new facial recognition system for iPhone 8 such that:

"The Synaptics multi-factor fusion engine combines multi-biometric authentication methods to determine verification. This increases the security of the system since the facial recognition and the fingerprint will have to obtain a few minimum requirements before the authentication. In addition, the fusion engine improves usability and reduces individual verification limits to enhance safety. "

The iPhone 8 will also have Touch ID "touch"

On the other hand, the company has also recently introduced Synaptics sensors capable of recognizing fingerprints through the glass (another possible benefit for the iPhone in August?), Allowing smartphones have designs without physical buttons.

Finally it is important to note that Apple is already working on a similar technology for iPhone 8, but as Synaptics is a provider of Apple, the apple bite will own the newly developed system. In other words, that the iPhone 8 will have facial recognition yes or yes.

The Apple iPhone 8 will have an OLED screen and will replace the current aluminum by the glass. It is also speculated that Apple finally implemented the wireless charging system on the iPhone 8 and could incorporate a Home button integrated touch screen.

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