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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Take advantage of iTunes for the coins you can not afford on a trip abroad

When returning from a trip, surely many of you have wondered what to do with the foreign currencies that have been left in your wallets. Although collecting them can be a great idea, the truth is that we can find a more useful alternative, as is the change of currency .

TravelersBox is one of the solutions for the conversion abroad, it tries to avoid that we return of a trip with currencies that do not serve us. By depositing the money in one of the terminals, it automatically becomes credit for our PayPal account . We can also donate or convert it into a gift card for services like iTunes , Google Play, Starbucks, Skype and others.

Take advantage of iTunes on the money you have left over from a trip abroad

Currently we can find TravelersBox terminals at airports in Japan, Italy, Canada, Israel, Georgia, Philippines, Turkey and Singapore. Soon they will also reach other regions, such as Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong. As CNET says in an interview with Tomer Zussman, CEO of this company, 70% of its revenue is generated in Asia .

In addition, Zussman added that now TravelersBox seeks to focus on "a world without cash" and that its terminals still have a life expectancy of 10 and 15 years. Of course, the company gets a commission every time a terminal is used, which is 7% . TravelersBox's CEO says it's a lower commission than other currency exchange services we find at airports.

What's really interesting is that TravelersBox is currently in talks with Apple and various film studios. Why? The goal is to reach an agreement that allows users to redeem iTunes credits for the rental of new movies . What do you think of this initiative? Would you exchange foreign currencies in a TravelersBox terminal for use in iTunes?

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