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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Telegram is updated and allows you to delete sent messages

Telegram continues its tireless quest to become the instant messaging application world number one, and although it is quite difficult by the refusal of WhatsApp users to try new things, it is indisputable that is on the right path.

On this occasion, Telegram has received an update to incorporate interesting features, how the ability to delete messages that have been sent.

  • Delete messages for all: When you delete your messages in groups and chats, you can now select to delete them for everyone in the chat and not just for you. This works only for recently sent messages (same as editing).
  • Using the network in the "Data and Storage" settings: Get statistics of your Telegram traffic on mobile data and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Quick view videos now support Picture-in-Picture mode.

"Report spam" button added in secret chats.
In addition, it is now possible to view statistics of our traffic in the application (data and Wi-Fi) and added a button to report spam in secret chats.

Similarly, now videos site with quick view supports PiP, allowing viewing while the application used for any other action.

In short, I understand that all who use WhatsApp do not want to jump to any other instant messaging application, but Telegram has some features that make it a totally unique application and different from the rest, whether WhatsApp or any other.

Telegram is available free, is universal and compatible with the Apple Watch.

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