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Thursday, 12 January 2017

The 3 funniest internet scams on the internet

It is the time of great rebates and many buyers await the dreaded cost of January to catch authentic chollos. And where are there better deals than on the internet? The protagonists of our stories, those avid shoppers who thought they had found the bargain of the century, had to think, and instead were scornfully scammed. Let's go with the three most fun iPhone cheats by buying online .

In September 2016, Apple launched its brand new iPhone 7. After the blistering sale of the initial stock, many buyers were waiting, so they began their search for the internet. The main problem of buying online is that you can not see or touch physically what you are going to buy ... until it is too late . It's a question of trust.

And is that a pear and an apple are distinct components

I do not know what Asian countries have with piracy, but the trolleo that took this buyer was good. And is that after the unprecedented success of Apple, many other vegetables have wanted to have their own mobile, such as the acorn of Zetta or Pear ... yes, with disparate success. If at the time it was not clear with Ana Botella's hortofrutícola lesson , now surely she does not forget that a pear and an apple are different components.

No mobile, but at least you have had breakfast

Our second most talked about iPhone scam we told a few months ago on iPadizate . Another incautious dare to buy an iPhone 6s in China for 200 euros - seriously, you can find chollos, but there are things that cry to common sense - and what was received was not a rough imitation, no. As it is known that the penalties with bread are less, the seller was entertained cooking a pancake, which was precisely the one that introduced in the shipping package. We can not imagine the buyer's face looking for the 3.5mm jack output on the pancake!

IPhone 3 + iPhone 4 = iPhone 7?

For me this is undoubtedly the worst of all, the most scandalized and painful scam buying an iPhone over the internet that can happen to you. And is that the buyer came with a real Machiavelli , a kind of puzzle Saw but with the transactions on the internet.

Get in your place: you order an iPhone 7 online and what you get is an iPhone 3, an iPhone 4 and the promise that if you solve a Yu-Gi-Oh - a popular Chinese mathematical game called Fusion Monster, which Represents the combination of two or more monsters. Come on, if you combine an iPhone 3 and an iPhone 4 you get an iPhone 7. Yes, but no .

The poor woman photographed the scene and uploaded it to social networks, unleashing the imagination of users, who suggested that with two iPhone 7 and a Fusion Monster could achieve a futuristic iPhone 14.

Please remember if you are buying online that if something is so cheap that it looks like a rip-off, it's probably a rip-off. Make your transactions in trusted websites that provide information from sellers - contact mode, address, feedback from other users - that guarantee the protection of buyers and pay with safe methods that allow you to return your money to any problem. And if you get ripped off, let us know for next editions of the funniest iPhone cheats .

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