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Monday, 2 January 2017

The 5 tricks you should know for your AirPods

It's official: Apple AirPods are ravaging this Christmas, so much so that stocks are depleted worldwide . If you're one of the fortunate to enjoy these exceptional wireless headphones Apple, you have five essential tips you should know to maximize your AirPods.

How to connect your AirPods to your iPhone or Android

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, sync your AirPods with them is as simple as opening the container box and simply click on the connect button that appears on the screen of your device.

Of course, if you want to connect with Android, Apple TV or other device, there is a small button on the back of the box that will help you in this function. Just press it until the status light flashes white, then you can start the setup.

You can read a detailed step by step tutorial to match your AirPods with Android, Apple TV and PC or how to do the same with your Apple Watch

Check the battery

There are a couple of ways to know how much battery your AirPods have. If you open the box near your iPhone, the battery status will appear on the screen. But another option is to add a battery widget on the panel of your iPhone. Remember that widgets are sliding right on your lock screen. It is there where you can include it in the lower area, pressed where it says "Edit".

If you have an Apple Watch you can also check the battery by simply opening the Control Center and clicking on the specific button battery, which apart from seeing the battery of your smartwatch will see that of the AirPods.

Connect your AirPods with your Mac

Although it is not as easy as syncing with an iPhone or iPad, connecting your AirPods with your Mac is also a fairly quick task. To do this you need to turn Bluetooth on your Mac and click on the speaker icon on the top bar and select your AirPods - which will appear on output devices -. Your computer will detect them automatically whenever your AirPods are nearby and you have Bluetooth on.

Use Siri with your AirPods

Probably one of the most useful skills is the AirPods can use Siri without even having to touch the iPhone, because while wearing them can invoke it by giving two quick taps on the surface. Just remember that requires an internet connection on your iPhone at all times .

If you spend double tap, you can go from your iPhone to Settings> Bluetooth and selecting your AirPods, disable this option. But we recommend that you do not do it, because with Siri you can control your music, modify the volume, make a call, check the battery ...

Your AirPods are yours, only yours

If someone other than you tries to use your AirPods, there is a pretty cool feature. And is that a message if an intruder opens the box of AirPods to synchronize with another device, will appear on your terminal AirPods indicating that these are not yours. Of course, they will be able to synchronize them equally. But in any case it serves to differentiate your AirPods from those of another person.

Also, you can customize the name of your AirPods going to Settings> Bluetooth and section of AirPods edit their name by clicking on the icon "i".

Remember all these tips, they will be very useful to squeeze your AirPods to the maximum.

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