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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The App Store will allow developers to respond to opinions in their apps

Apple has announced that within a very short time, developers will leave their answers in the comments of their applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac App Store . As part of the release notes for iOS 10.3, the company has said that by the time this new version is available, developers will already be able to respond to the reviews left in the App Store.

This is a feature that had been asking the apple company for a long time to improve the interaction between developers and users. Thanks to it, users will be more confident that they are heard .

Users will now be heard

These comments will be publicly displayed on the app store reviews page so all customers can see them. This means that an unfair opinion may be countered by an official response from the development team .

This feature will allow users to trust more opinions, and also urge us to leave one when we see a mistake in some of the apps we use every day.

A function available soon

This feature will debut on both iOS and Mac App Store in the coming months . Here we leave you the extract of the exact words used by Apple to present this novelty:

"When iOS 10.3 reaches consumers, you'll be able to respond to the opinions left in the App Store so that all users can see them . (This feature will also be available in the Mac App Store.) "

It remains to be seen how developers will respond to their users through this feature. So far sounds like a pretty positive improvement .

On the other hand, Apple is also working on improving the way applications ask for opinions and scores with annoying windows that appear out of nowhere.

Would you like developers to give explanations to users? Leave your answer in the comment box!

Via | 9to5Mac

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