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Friday, 13 January 2017

The best apps if your iPhone is stolen

Recently your Majesties the Three Kings of the East passed through our homes and if you have behaved very well it is possible that you found under the tree a gift in the form of an iPhone, or on the contrary it is possible that you have done with him recently . Be that as it may, one of the things that most worries the users when they launch a mobile of this type is to lose it or worse, to be robbed .

Although it is true that thanks to the security measures that today include smartphones make it more difficult to be able to continue using it after stealing it , there are still some other friends of others. However, in the App Store you can find several applications for the iPhone that can help you locate it in case you lose or steal it.

So we do not entertain any more and we will show you a small selection with the best applications so that you can recover your iPhone in case of theft. What are you waiting for to protect your smartphone and to be a little quieter?

Locate your iPhone in case of theft or loss with these apps

First of all, although the main thing is to locate the iPhone and retrieve it, all the applications that we show below have other additional functions . Thanks to them you can send an alert, a message to the iPhone, block the content, delete the data remotely and more.

Prey Anti Theft

First is Prey Anti Robos, one of the most complete applications that allows you to track the location of the iPhone and show where it is on a map thanks to the geolocation system . One of its strengths is that it is totally free, you have to register and with an account you can manage up to three different devices.

In addition, Prey Anti Robos has numerous options that will allow you to remove passwords, see the face of the person who is using it, lock the device, send an alert message or trigger an alarm . The latter is very useful when you do not know where you left the iPhone at home, for example.


The localization system that Amaken uses is something different from what you are surely used to seeing. In this case, when you lose or steal the iPhone you must download Amaken to another device as soon as possible and enter the phone number that you have stolen or lost and the application will show you on the map where it is.


Undoubtedly Lookout is the most complete application of the three, and is that is something more than that. It is a complete security system that even counts with antivirus . Lookout has several functions to detect malware and viruses, as well as several tools to locate the iPhone in case of loss or theft: you can set off an alarm or show the location on the map.

The bad? That the application is not free, but has a small cost of less than € 3 a month . It is not a very high amount, but it is a negative point if you take into account in the App Store there are other very good options totally free.

Search for my iPhone

Finally, but not least, there is the tool included in iOS called Search my iPhone. If you have activated this function, in case you lose or steal the iPhone you can locate it, block it and even delete the data of the device remotely leaving it completely unusable , since nobody can use it without the password of your Apple account.

As you can see, the App Store has several very complete applications with which you can protect your iPhone a little more, whether you lose it for a scandal or if it is stolen . These applications do not assure you 100% to recover it again, but what is certain is that you will have more options of it, as well as protect your personal information so that nobody can access it.

What do you think of these types of applications? Do you have any of them installed on your iPhone to protect it? Tell us about it in the comments!

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