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Thursday, 5 January 2017

The best USB WiFi memories to extend the memory of your iPhone or iPad

Have you ever imagined that there could be the pendrive with WiFi connection in addition to the classic USB? Some brands have already launched their own proposals WiFi USB memories, an option that is very useful, for example, when transmitting files to multiple devices at once or expand the internal memory of your iOS device.

One of the things that has always characterized the Apple mobile devices is that it is not possible to expand its memory through a microSD card as with other models on the market. This is a problem for more than one user, but thanks to this type of devices such as USB WiFi can be solved.

Here are several models that can currently find on the market of USB WiFi memories with which you can expand the internal memory of your iPhone or iPad easily. They all have very similar characteristics, so you just have to look at how each one is and decide which one fits most to your needs. Let's go there!

Discover the best WiFi USB memories on the market

The operation of this type of WiFi USB memories is very simple. On the one hand, through the WiFi network it creates is possible to connect and share files with multiple devices at once, regardless of operating system, while on the other hand, can also be connected to the computer.

USB Pendrive USB 3.0

This first model is the most economical of the three. It is a WiFi USB 3.0 flash drive that has a capacity of 16GB with management applications upload files, as well as an app for Android and iOS with which you can get a simultaneous connection of multiple devices.

On the other hand, I must say that if the device is connected directly to a USB port on a PC it will appear as an ordinary flash drive without activating the WiFi. Currently you can find it on Amazon for a price is € 21.99.

Buy | USB Pendrive USB 3.0

SanDisk SDWS4

The well-known brand SanDisk also has several models of WiFi USB memory on the market. One of them is the SanDisk SDWS4, flash memory reinvented with a very elegant design that lets you have an extra supply of storage on the iPhone, iPad or even on your computer.

The SanDisk SDWS4 lets you stream HD movies and music on up to three devices simultaneously, it can also be connected to a USB port and is available in different storage capacities ranging from 16GB to 200GB. The price will obviously vary depending on the capacity chosen: the 16GB model costs € 31.98, while the larger capacity costs € 119.99.

Buy | SanDisk SDWS4

SanDisk SDWS2

Finally, the USB WiFi memory that closes this little compilation is the SanDisk SDWS2. This other model, like the previous ones , expands the storage capacity of mobile devices wirelessly.

The SanDisk SDWS2 ermite access and share content with up to 8 devices simultaneously and reach of their WiFi is 50 meters. On the other hand, it must be said that it is available in two versions, one of 16GB for € 52.98 and another version of 64GB for € 89.99.

Buy | SanDisk SDWS2

And you, did you know this type of USB WiFi memories? With which of the three would you stay?

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