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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The best way to save battery power on your Apple Watch

Although Apple has managed to have the battery of its Apple Watch lasted a fairly decent time, its autonomy is still very limited to consider it excellent . If you are one of those who use your Apple Watch too much to receive notifications or be aware of the world, you may find yourself in the compromising situation in which your watch drops its percentage of battery to a single figure.

If this happens and you do not have the charger at hand, here we leave you the way to activate the power saving mode to extend the life of your smart watch.

How to activate Save battery

With Save Battery mode in our Apple Watch we will limit the clock to show only the time on a black background . No other option will be available as long as we have this feature active, but if you really need to preserve the power of your gadget, it is better to enable this option.

In new versions of watchOS

In the latest versions of watchOS the only thing we have to do to activate the energy saving is this:

1. Slide up on your Watch screen.

2. Locate the battery display and tap on the remaining percentage indicator .

3. Touch the "Save Battery" bubble to activate it.

For old versions

If you have a somewhat old version of watchOS, do not think that Apple has forgotten you. To activate this function you only have to :

1. Press and hold the On / Off button on your Apple Watch (the long button on the side of the watch, under the digital crown).

2. Swipe the "Save Battery" option to the left to activate the mode.

Once we have done all this, our Apple Watch will go from being a very useful gadget that consumes a lot of battery to a simple and expensive digital watch. But it is certainly better to have a simple watch on our wrist than a black and dead screen .

How to disable this feature

If you want to exit Save battery mode, you just have to keep the button pressed down for a while until you see the Apple logo on the screen. What this does is restart your Apple Watch, and when you turn it on again, the power save mode will be gone - at least until you re-enable it.

Apple Watch Warm.

This option is recommended only when you need to keep your Apple Watch active . If you have a charger on hand, it is best that you leave it for about fifteen minutes and then you can take advantage of all its features.

How often do you have to charge your Watch? Leave your answer in the comments!

Via | OS X Daily

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