The British army goes to Apple, Samsung is not so safe -


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Saturday, 28 January 2017

The British army goes to Apple, Samsung is not so safe

As we have been announcing, iOS is always more secure than Android. We can not take this data lightly, so Donald Trump has had to move to Apple with his arrival at the White House. As Barack Obama did.

This type of action, taken by the best security teams in the country, does nothing more than show us that Android has too many holes for hackers , while iOS is still robust.

The British army moves to Apple

The British army has a program that allows certain members of the armed forces to hold talks on issues of national secrecy using a smartphone, as collected by Apple Insider . This program will be carried out on iPhone 7 modified, and will replace the previously used Samsung devices.

BT, a telecommunications company working with the UK Department of Defense, plans to use iPhone 7 as the device for secret communications . Of course, these apple phones will have enhanced security, they will not be like the rest.

Steve Bunn, director of the BT department responsible for technical management for defense, announces that they are changing iPhone 7 so they can switch between different modes of operation and levels of security .

Of course, this will depend on the sensitivity of the information being addressed in the calls . In Bunn's words, the idea is to develop a "dual-person device," whose mission is to allow both official and secret calls.

They are primarily looking to make communications more secure among staff , but they also work to make the iPhone useful for reliably keeping sensitive data . Of course, for security reasons the BT team can not provide more information regarding the modification of the iPhone 7.

What they have revealed is that the project started with the Galaxy Note 4 model instead of Apple. Over the course of the tests, they considered that Samsung's device did not provide sufficient security and that iPhone credentials are better for this project .

So the iPhone 7 proves again that it is a safe phone with potential to adapt to the demands of an army.

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