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Monday, 2 January 2017

The craziest versions of the classic iPhone ringtone

Today we want to make a special tribute to an iconic distinctive sound: the iPhone ringtone. And it's just that we're on the subway, in the Chinese New Year, watching a movie in the cinema ... is to hear it and instantly recognize that someone has an iPhone and has not bothered to change the ringtone.

This 2017 iPhone is 10 years old and therefore, the Apple will do their utmost even further in its upcoming launch of iPhone in August , but here goes our special tribute to a sound that has accompanied us in this long and successful career: the tone iPhone call.

So we have decided to compile different versions of this unmistakable iPhone ringtone.

IPhone Ringtones Versions

Let's start with something simple and elegant, classic tone played the piano call:

It is not the only instrument capable of sounding exactly the same, what do you think this interpretation with a touchpad? Dunk, right?

But enough of both classicism, why not give it a much more modern and current touch with this Trap Remix?

I do not know about you, but I think with guitarreo everything sounds much better. This rock version is definitely my favorite. What spring?

The truth is that the iPhone ringtone gives for much more. And to show a button: ojito to this guy and kitsch fusion iPhone ringtone - admittedly, somewhat sappy for these times - with an accompaniment of wild Battery:

What do you think? Do you stay with a version or are faithful to the classic ringtone of iPhone in its original version? In any case, remember to change the ringtone for a song is a very easy task that we explain in this post . If you know of another free and original interpretation of the iPhone ringtone, let us know in the comments.

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