The double camera of the iPhone 7 Plus is a decisive signal for the users -


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Thursday, 12 January 2017

The double camera of the iPhone 7 Plus is a decisive signal for the users

Users are becoming increasingly immersed in the world of technology thanks to the internet. Every day thousands of people look for the characteristics of a mobile phone in order to decide whether or not it suits their needs. Today we can attest to this thanks to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Slice Intelligence conducted a survey in the final months of 2016 - November and December, to be more exact - using 50,000 online purchases as a reference. Although the results are neither exact nor decisive, they do show a great truth: users prefer to pay much more to have the best of the market .

An amazing camera

A few months ago Apple surprised us with one of its strangest innovations: the incorporation of a double camera in the larger version of its highly anticipated iPhone 7. This new design pleased many, but also backed others with what Believed it was an abomination in the stylized design of what would be known as iPhone 7 Plus.

To Apple's fortune, the demonstration of what this double camera was capable of doing ended up tilting the balance in its favor . And it is that the mobile makes such tremendous photos that we have already begun to wonder when the iPhone will replace the digital cameras .

The Importance of Dual Camera

Although the biggest difference between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus is the size of your screen, this has been a detail that has gone almost unnoticed by the clientele. The study showed that most buyers chose the larger version only for the novelty of the dual camera , which tilted the balance by 60% to the iPhone 7 Plus, and only 40% to the iPhone 7.

Users are increasingly clear about the things we want, and all thanks to the digital media that every day inform us of the latest technology so that we can buy taking into account multiple options. However, despite all the hype caused by the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple plans to cut production of this device .

What made you buy your iPhone model? Leave the answer in the comment box!

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