The future iPhone 8, more resistant than ever according to the latest information -


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Saturday, 14 January 2017

The future iPhone 8, more resistant than ever according to the latest information

Resistance has never been a quality worked on iPhone, and is that Apple has always preferred to give greater importance to the exterior design of the device . For many years, the iPhone have been mocked as to the fragility of these in day-to-day situations.

With the iPhone 7, Apple decided to increase its efforts in this section, so that provided the new IP67 certification devices . With this, it certified the water resistance and dust characteristics of the new iPhone in a time span of 30 minutes under one meter of water . And this is just the beginning.

Improved water and dust resistance

The new iPhone 8, would be much more resistant to the elements than its predecessor, and could afford to take more than a dip, or at least that is suggested by information from AppleInsider . The resistance, for once, would not quarrel with the design in an Apple product.

According to its latest reports, the new iPhone 8 would be IP68 certified for water and dust resistance. In this way, and according to the standard tests established by those responsible for the certification, it would be able to withstand a maximum immersion of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes .

Something needed to match the competition

There is no doubt that this is a completely necessary move, seeing as devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 already had this certification in the year of the iPhone 7. The new iPhone, must have all the features of its competition with various improvements to power Succeed as Apple wants.

Maybe new iPhone has a lot of news that none of us expect, but what, if I wait, is that, if I choose the iPhone 8, do so with the confidence that I buy a device that has nothing to envy their rivals . They must realize that innovation is not something that only visits them, but must also learn from the rest of the companies and their attempts to improve their own products.

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