The iPhone 7 could be compatible with the iOS 10.2 jailbreak

Several weeks ago Luca Todesco announced that he would publish an iOS 10.2 compatible jailbreak , although unfortunately, this one would not work with the iPhone 7.

Well, the young hacker just announced in his Twitter account that although it is still not compatible, the exploit at the kernel level is, so it does not close the door completely to the future that the iPhone 7 is compatible with the Jailbreak of iOS 10.2.

 qwertyoruiop @qwertyoruiopz
Even if iOS 10.2 is not supported on iPhone 7, stay on 10.2, since the kernel exploit works on it.
22:30 - 25 ene 2017
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Even so, Luca Todesco continues to insist that iOS 10.1.1 is the best option for the iPhone 7 as far as the jailbreak is concerned, so no one should update if they are in that version of iOS.

In short, if you have an iPhone 7 and you are interested in jailbreak should remain in iOS 10.1.1, while on the other hand, if you have updated what is recommended is to stay on iOS 10.2 and avoid making the jump to iOS 10.2.1.
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