The iPhone 7 will drop in price imminently -


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Friday, 27 January 2017

The iPhone 7 will drop in price imminently

Following the successful Christmas sales campaign, Bloomberg analysts predict that the iPhone will suffer a slight decline in prices during the first quarter of 2017 , but Apple will offset it at the cost of increasing service revenue. But beware, do not go to your nearest store to renew your terminal and read on.

And is that the specialists predict that during this quarter, the cost of the iPhone will decrease in average from the 691 dollars that cost during these dates in 2016 to 688 dollars. Yes, three dollars difference sounds ridiculous - especially for the buyer - but when 76 million terminals are sold over Christmas, the decline in profits is not at all negligible. To this we must add the generalized sales decline of the iPhone 7.

As we mentioned in previous posts, not a few iOS users have criticized Apple's conservatism in the design of iPhone 7 and its meager innovations - beyond the water resistance or dual camera of the iPhone 7 Plus -, so Which many have opted to take with their terminal or even acquire an iPhone 6s , since they estimate that the few technological improvements of the iPhone 7 do not compensate that difference of price .

Neither can we forget the iPhone SE, a terminal with few months on the market, the power of the iPhone 7 and lower cost, and satisfy the tastes of many users by the smaller terminals. Finally it is necessary to emphasize that there is a great expectation with the iPhone commemorating the tenth anniversary, iPhone 8 , where if that Apple is expected to throw the house by the window. Therefore , many buyers have decided to wait for September, going from the iPhone 7 .

In any case, next Tuesday will be the results of quarterly sales, which if low would further pressure the Cupertino in the face of what is to come, the iPhone 8. But Apple has a plan to fill his box: increase The revenue generated by the App Store and Apple Music , in order to palliate the declines both in sales and price of iPhone 7. At the moment, it is estimated that these sources have grown by 2%, but is likely to continue The ascent.

Via | 9to5Mac

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