The iPhone 8 might surprise us even more by integrating your camera into the apple -


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Sunday, 29 January 2017

The iPhone 8 might surprise us even more by integrating your camera into the apple

Almost as interesting as the presentation of the next and long-awaited iPhone 8 - or iPhone X , something we are still not clear - is the rumorogy that unleashes before the one that will undoubtedly be the hit of the year. In Ipadizate we tell you we echo every detail and the latter sure does not leave you indifferent. And is that Apple could be planning to integrate the camera into its iconic Apple logo on the back of the iPhone . How do you stay?

Wireless charge using induction, OLED flexible display with integrated Home button, laser face recognition, stainless steel core and glass body and now this: dual camera discreetly located in the company logo thus achieving a more sober, elegant design And minimalist if possible.

The truth is that in the video that we bring you today we can see a hypothetical iPhone that integrates some of these features that will quite likely appear on the iPhone 8 and others that are more improbable, but in any case is still a precious device.

As you can see, this is a model Jet Black iPhone but unlike expected in the iPhone 8, its cosmetic changes are lower than expected, resembling quite the iPhone 7 above. What it does is the contoured edges and a larger screen. But what leaves us with the open mouth is that original idea of ​​the camera in the logo .

Reality or fiction? Everything indicates that by themes of space this interesting idea can not materialize, although with those of Cupertino you never know. Another interesting modification with the apple would be the backlight as in Mac computers , something we saw in a post that could be done in a relatively simple way .

What do you think of this iPhone concept? Leave your opinion in the comments

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