The LG G6 is envious of the Galaxy S8 and shown in its first real photo -


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Friday, 27 January 2017

The LG G6 is envious of the Galaxy S8 and shown in its first real photo

A few hours after the first real photo of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is leaked we see that the design of the LG G6 is also confirmed in its first real photograph .

They say that misfortunes never come alone and it looks like the photo leaks of the range bumpers either. A few hours ago we were analyzing the first real photo of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which showed us two models, one black showing the front and one celestial showing the back.

Now it is the LG G6 that is shown in a photograph confirming the design we saw a few days ago in a press render.

Very few frames and conventional metal structure

The best of the design that had leaked was to see how LG continued to advance in his idea that the mobile had a few milestones. Although now many brands are getting on the cart of this concept the Korean company has been running from the LG G2.

Both on the sides and at the top and bottom edges the front panel is greatly reduced.

In this image we see how the perimeter frame is made of metal and gives the impression that it will be considerably heavier than the LG G5, which despite the brand cataloging it as a metallic mobile was not a sensation in the hand.

Also appears the SIM tray, really big, which makes us think that will also include the microSD slot. There is nothing to indicate that the LG G6 would have two SIM slots but it would seem like an interesting LG hit to face the competition that in the West does not implement this option.

New light blue color

The biggest novelty of this photograph is the color of the mobile, which appears in a blue sky very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that then have inherited the Galaxy S7 and apparently also the Galaxy S8.

In the image that we knew, a render, already appeared but showed a more grayish tone.

There is exactly one month left to see what we have prepared LG with its new flagship for which has bet not to include a replaceable battery in exchange for providing it with protection against water and dust, a good decision from our point of view.

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