The most used applications of 2016 -


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Sunday, 1 January 2017

The most used applications of 2016

A new study published this week reviewed the most used applications this year, and operating systems where you have downloaded. These studies give us a brief look at what applications we use most in our day to day lives.

We hope this study looks interesting, so you can see if you are to the average user or you are one of a kind . Facebook is at the top of this list, something that is not surprising as it is the most used application.

Mark Zuckerberg and Google dominate the list

The company naming the application is also second on the list with 129 million users a month. Then enter Google, with YouTube that has about 114 million users, followed by Google Maps, Search and Play. Seventh position has Gmail with 88 million users. Behind the mail app, another application that belongs to Facebook comes in: Instagram with 74 million. Apple Music (68 million) and Amazon App (65 million): In the last two positions in the top two applications that are not owned by Google or Facebook have.

In this study, the only application that appears Apple is Apple Music, showing a greater number of users (ie 20% more). A rather curious fact of this top is that WhatsApp does not even appear, something more than flashy as it is one of the most famous applications in the technology landscape.

Has Facebook won WhatsApp? Apparently yes, this year the only messaging application on the top is Facebook. I will be an out-of-series but I hardly use that application, or at least, I do not use it more than once a month ... WhatsApp I use it constantly.

And you? What do you think of this top? If you are one of a kind as us, I tell us about it !

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