The new Twitter update includes the explore tab -


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Saturday, 28 January 2017

The new Twitter update includes the explore tab

Twitter is undoubtedly the network of the funny. 140 characters to let your imagination fly, get intense, tell events that happen all over the planet or just tell you that your rule has dropped. In recent years Twitter has also occupied many television minutes contributing to fill news and current affairs programs. However, the numbers do not fail: Twitter has stagnated in terms of revenue and users . That's why the bluebird boys are updated with new functionalities looking to boost their social network.

The last has been the one that has occurred few hours ago, the inclusion of a new tab in the application called "Browse" , which allows you to access quickly and without having to search anything - that yes, the search continues to appear in the part Superior - trending topics of the moment, hashtags ... But the thing does not end there, if we want we can also access Momentos. In this way, access and exchange of content is much more fluid and intuitive.

We will see how it fits among its demanding users this novelty and how is their experience of use. Although this tab is already available in Spain, it will be implemented in the different countries of the world until complete. However, the goal is clear: to increase the number of users with account by bringing together the characteristics of the main applications of social networks , but retaining their essence of microblogging.

Since the return of Jack Dorsey to Twitter, the app has been incorporating many new features , in many cases identical to those of other social networks up such as Snapchat or Instagram, such as Momentos, that is, broadcast live videos or videos 360 degrees , both from the hand of Periscope, the app acquired by Twitter. But these functions only manage to keep their users, not capture new users.

Have you tried the new Twitter? We leave the link to the app for you to download and tell us your experiences in the comments

Via | NewsPhone

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