The next iPhone could include fast charging and other features -


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Friday, 6 January 2017

The next iPhone could include fast charging and other features

The next iPhone could count on "Tape to Wake" similar to the feature that looks on the Android mobile, fast loading and other new features.

It is said that the new iPhone will include a "Tristar 3, Hydra", which manages the charging port and supports fast charging chip. However, no further details are offered, and while it is said that the chip is compatible with the technology, does not mean Apple will use it on its next iPhone.

Moreover, it is speculated that the new iPhone will include "Tap to Wake", similar to what you see on devices with Android feature. This will allow users to activate the screen to view the lock screen information by tapping on it. You currently have to physically move the iPhone, press the activation button or use a finger to do things like watch the weather or see what song is ringing.

Finally, previous rumors are reiterated that the company Cupertino plans to launch 3 new models of iPhone this year, among which stand out an iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, which share hardware designs with the current range of iPhones and an iPhone 8 Redesigned from scratch.

Amid falling sales of the iPhone and near the 10th of Apple's device, speculation has unleashed on the company's upcoming smartphone from Cupertino. Reports suggest that it could include a curved screen, wireless charge and virtual reality and augmented reality software functions.

At the moment, they are just speculations, so now it is only necessary to wait for these to become reality or remain in nothing.

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