The Nokia 6 will leave China but its price will be even higher -


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Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Nokia 6 will leave China but its price will be even higher

A leak from a dealer has let you see the new color of the Nokia 6 , which will be marketed outside of China but on the way goes up in price.

The return of Nokia to the stages is being somewhat slower than we would like many but it is understandable. However having a MWC shot is more than a possibility that HDM will use the largest telephony conference to open internationally.

For this we are sure that we have prepared new models but also seems increasingly plausible an international departure of the Nokia 6.

Color white and higher price

The latest clue that this will be a fait accompli sooner than later is that a Philippine distributor, Lazada, has released the sales form for the Nokia 6, a model that currently appears out of stock but could start selling in a few days.

It is the first time we see this model in a store outside China, officially, and has drawn attention in two aspects.

The first thing is the color and is that so far the Nokia 6 had only let itself see in a dark color, a gray pulling black. In the image of the tab we see it in white color.

On the other hand we see how the price has varied substantially. In China the equivalent cost was $ 245 while in the Philippines it would be $ 370 .

We should consider taxes, local living standards and more parameters but a rise of almost 50% makes us fear for the future of this model outside their country of origin.

Characteristics are not everything, but price is key

Saying that a mobile is expensive to have a price by looking at its spec sheet is not correct. Well optimized and realized mobiles have a higher cost than others that theoretically are better to have a more powerful hardware but in the day to day they fail.

Nokia seems to bet on a higher than average price in some respects and does not seem bad to us as long as what is given goes accordingly. That we can not know until we analyze the Nokia 6 and other mobile phones that present but the price barrier is key for most users.

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