The Nokia 6 would have international version according to its Bluetooth certificate -


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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Nokia 6 would have international version according to its Bluetooth certificate

Following the disappointment with the exclusive sale in China of the Nokia 6 may not be all lost: its Bluetooth certification is chug from an alternative version.

After months of rumors and confirmation by HMD Global that Nokia would return to the field of smartphones by the hand of Android, Nokia 6 came by surprise last weekend with a second surprise, much less pleasant: it would be Exclusive of China . Something strange given the repercussion after the return of the mark; Although it could be a delayed launch for other countries beyond China.

Bluetooth certification shows another version of Nokia 6

The version that corresponds to the model that will market Nokia in the Asian country is the TA-1000 . In the certification that has passed the model two versions are specified: the one cited and also the TA-1003 . This variant in the numbering seems to indicate that there will be a second model that will have similar characteristics to the Nokia 6 announced.

The most common in product designations is to introduce minimum variants in numbering to indicate different distribution areas . This does not ensure the departure of the Nokia 6 internationally, but it does pave the way for it to be a fairly well-founded hypothesis.

Another detail that could demonstrate the international sale of the Nokia 6 is the page to that effect that is operative in the web of Nokia. As they demonstrate in Nokia Power User , the specific page is open to the public ; Although hidden from the web links. You do not have any content inserted yet, but do not throw any 404 error, sign that there are plans to use the URL.

The Nokia 6 is a great mobile, but offers some imbalance in its benefits

Beyond that we love to come back Nokia, even if it is not strictly her but only its brand, the Nokia 6 leaves some disappointment to browse its features . Very good construction, great design, high quality aluminum ... And a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 as a processor. The price will not be exaggerated, it will go for 231 euros to the change, but it is still quite high compared to other Chinese mobile phones of equal price range.

It seems that the Nokia 6 would be about to go on sale. Stores like already list the mobile in its catalog. Will we see the international version in the MWC? Even before, we bet on it.

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