The OLED display of the "iPhone X" could be very expensive for Apple -


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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The OLED display of the "iPhone X" could be very expensive for Apple

One of the many rumors about Apple's new iPhone has just landed on iPadizate, but this time we will not talk about the technical specifications that would bring Apple's new smart device, but its high cost of production.

The latest rumors point to Apple will be willing to equip its new iPhone - on the occasion of its tenth anniversary - with an OLED screen. However, this could increase Apple's cost by $ 50 million. If this happens, the new iPhone would be eating slightly of its profit margin .

A very expensive technology

The gross margin is likely to remain stable at 38.8%, but this figure may decline somewhat over time, said Cowen and his partner Timothy Arcuri. OLED displays offer many advantages that we would not have with LCD , and among them we can highlight its great flexibility and low power consumption. The problem with this technology is its price, which is much higher than the normal alternative. In addition, very few suppliers are equipped to produce the amount needed to meet the demand of a company as big as Apple.

In fact, many reports suggest that Samsung would be one of Apple's exclusive suppliers, possibly for Apple's new 5.8-inch models , which would have curved edges. Samsung already has practice in the field of OLED curves, since it takes some years applying them to the Edge models of its most recent devices.

Apple Results in its Last Quarter

For the results of Apple in the last quarter of 2016 - which will be announced this Tuesday - Arcuri anticipates 76 million shipments of iPhone devices, a number that is less large year after year , but with gains in profits thanks to the high price of the iPhone 7 Plus, which shipped 23.5 million units, against the 35 million of the normal iPhone 7. Of this amount, only 8 million shipments correspond to the iPhone SE.

As far as other products are concerned, the analyst predicts 13.5 million iPads, and 5.4 million Apple Watches . He also suggested that Cupertino could have positive things to say about the sales of their Apple Watch 2, for the first time giving an official figure.

Although the figures seem to be positive for Apple, they are not all that good to expect. There is very little time left to know the official results of the company , although they could be a little flat due to the fall that Apple saw for the first time in 2016.

Do you expect an OLED screen on the new iPhone? Leave your answer in the comments!

Via | AppleInsider

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