The presentation of the Galaxy S8 will be on April 18 -


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Friday, 6 January 2017

The presentation of the Galaxy S8 will be on April 18

This year 2017 for Samsung is going to be a very important year. After the fiasco of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Samsung you want your terminal is 2017 pergecto star. That's why Samsung wants to be sure of all the attention when presenting your Samsung Galaxy S8. In this case we already have the date of presentation of Galaxy S8.

Samsung's unofficial sources say that April 18 would be the day of the expected Samsung Galaxy S8. In other words, the day that they presented at least the two models of the Galaxy S8: Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. The dates coincide with the supposed start of manufacture of this model, which according to a rumor issued by ETNews would be in March when it will begin to manufacture the 10 million units that are expected to sell the device.


According to these same sources, Samsung plans to also make an additional 5 million in April so it would have 15 million units of Galaxy S8 for the day of its release.

The presentation already know that it will be in New York and at a specific event for this device. As we say, Samsung wants to capture all public attention and believes that the MWC is not the right event because, no matter how Samsung, it would be diluted among so many presentations. The date as we say is not official, but it is very reliable because of other rumors that we have already officially known.

Well you know, if you want to know first hand the new Samsung terminal, do not miss the Galaxy S8 presentation that will be on April 18. Reserve that day, although we are sure that there will not be much to know, fruit of the leaks that always occur, the day of the presentation.

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