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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The reason for the disappearance of the activation lock tester

The activation lock is a security mechanism that began to proliferate in Apple devices and that over time has become a trend in the rest of Smartphone manufacturers. Today, most high-end phones incorporate this functionality, which links the phone to a particular user to avoid that a reset can be carried out without the owner's permission .

A couple of days ago, we informed you about the disappearance of the website where the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch activation lock check tool was hosted . From day to day, without any notice, Apple decided to eliminate this tool, which was so useful when buying second hand items.

The check page, a full-fledged security hole

After the sudden deactivation of this tool , many users began to wonder about the reasons behind this decision, and a short time later, seems to have arisen the reason. The web could have become a major security hole for Apple devices that make use of this functionality.

It appeared that the use of the web was part of a process of "bypass" that allowed to unlock any device linked with an Apple ID. Thanks to the tool, hackers could generate a valid serial number belonging to an unlocked device, which they would then use to take control of the blocked iPhone or iPad.

This again calls into question the true potential of this function, and is that it is quite disturbing to discover that the only thing that can do this function after a time in the market is to create a slight annoyance for the one who really wants to appropriate Your property. Therefore, we must ask ourselves the following question, is it still useful?

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