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Sunday, 29 January 2017

The "right to repair" and Apple

Not all of us have that luck that makes us never spoil the terminals we buy, yes, Apple users also suffer mishaps with our iPhone . When these take place we always have two options.

The first is to leave the rooms in the technical service of Apple, and the second - for those times of trouble - is to go to an unauthorized center. In the latter case, we would lose Apple's warranty since they would not be official parts of the company .

Companies want to be able to repair your iPhone

In Spain we know the Premium Reseller well, because in many cities we do not have the Apple Store and are our only physical way to repair our devices . These companies are those who receive an Apple certificate for using official components. Although this is not the only thing necessary, they require certain commitments that not all companies can fulfill.

This is the motive behind the "Right to Repair" in the United States. The companies that foment this movement, defend the creation of a series of laws that oblige the company to supply official pieces and the manuals of repair of its terminals to independent companies.

One reason is to end the forgery , because not being adhered to Apple, when a company believes buy an official piece can end up buying a fake.

Apple does not want to go through the ring

Apple imposes specific training, furniture, promote Apple products above any other ... All these impositions may not be affordable for any entrepreneur who wants to devote to repair devices .

Apple wants to continue to control the quality of companies that officially repair their products outside the Apple Store, so the "Right to Repair" creates nothing more than mistrust.

If these laws were passed, Apple would only have to differentiate which stores are the ones you trust - which are below its standards - and which are not.

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