The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have 4K screen for virtual reality -


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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have 4K screen for virtual reality

According to statements to the media Korean Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will display with 4K resolution for a better experience with virtual reality.

If the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 are growing and we need a change of scenery are in luck because Samsung collaborators have thought it a good time to make statements about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The company has already announced that the terminal is launched and that the problem with Note 7 will not be reason to give aside the whole family. What we did not know was any of his specifications.

4K screen for virtual reality

According to statements by one of the directors of the companies with which the Korean firm works at its terminals "Samsung will implement a panel are 2K resolution on the Galaxy S8, but use one 4K resolution on the Galaxy Note 8 to improve the functions Of virtual reality. I heard that connects with the new Gear VR glasses. "

These statements have surprised but do not point to anything crazy.

Samsung has been using 2K panels in generations, both the family and the S Note, and there will come a time when the jump to 4K necessary, especially considering the virtual reality .

It will have to see how that affects the energy expenditure of the device since doubling the resolution is something that will need an increase in battery consumption.

On the other hand, the current glasses with USB Type C connector are not currently available for any Samsung mobile and although the Galaxy S8 is probably compatible with connector, power and resolution, it is expected that the Galaxy Note 8 also use them as an accessory.

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