The Samsung Galaxy S8 goes to the back of the fingerprint reader, what will happen on the iPhone? -


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Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 goes to the back of the fingerprint reader, what will happen on the iPhone?

This year is considered as the year of the major renovations, both Apple and Samsung will bring all their R & D in the development of their Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 - or iPhone X -. Every company has a reason to make this ostentatious change.

Although Apple, celebrates 10 years of the launch of the first iPhone and has two years with a little renovation . Samsung has been a victim of speed and has suffered a thunderous failure with its Note7. These motives encourage companies to fight to win in the market. Will they get it?

Samsung moves the reader, and Apple?

The latest leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S8 speak of a device with a front screen without frames or physical buttons . So the fingerprint reader should stop being in the front, Samsung has chosen - according to the leaks - by moving it to the back of the device in place that in previous versions would be the flash.

Samsung has given everything to return the confidence to the users by its mark, so much that has decided to present the Samsung Galaxy S8 in an own event . Instead of doing it at the Mobile World Congress as it has been doing for years.

These leaks awaken in us the curiosity to know what it will do Apple with the fingerprint reader . The company has been haunted for years without advancing the subject of frames, and this year is expected to say goodbye. But what about the reader?

Rumorology speculates with an integrated reader on the screen. This would be quite positive, as many users prefer to unlock their device without having to put their finger in the back. Although, after seeing the decision of Samsung we are asked the question of whether this will really be possible .

Because if it were, we have no doubt that Samsung would have already done so .

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