The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a record: Samsung will distribute 60 million in 2017 -


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Monday, 9 January 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a record: Samsung will distribute 60 million in 2017

Samsung expects to distribute a record number of its next Samsung Galaxy S8. Specifically, the brand set the bar at 60 million by 2017.

New round of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8, that we had days without speaking of the future smartphone of the company. Beyond sarcasm, the truth is that this mobile becomes more and more interesting every day that passes. Solo presentation screen with well used front, 10 - nanometer processor, personal assistant art ... Samsung will sell millions. That is what the South Korean company anticipates.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 sets the bar very high: expect to distribute 60 million in 2017

These figures are indicative and are based on an internal confidence that has been collected by the Korean newspaper The Investor. We knew that Samsung expects a high demand for its next smartphone, something logical given the expectation that is creating. What we did not know was that expectations were so high.

60 million Samsung Galaxy S8, that's what Samsung expects to distribute for all 2017. Distributing, not sell: at all times the figures refer to the volume of product distributors acquire. By comparison, Samsung anticipated 45 million for the Galaxy S5, 45 million for the Galaxy S6 and 48 million for the Samsung Galaxy S7. The increase in the forecast could be due to the lack of sales caused by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Or that Samsung anticipates a high demand.

Although the figure of 60 million is loose and flashy, the initial distribution will be scarce. According to The Investor, there will be small quantities manufactured until it is officially presented and goes into mass production. Specifically, the sources speak of an entry factory by March 2017. It coincides with the expected date of presentation and also of sale: late March / early April. The first month 5 million Samsung Galaxy S8 be manufactured.

Samsung more tested than ever, but no economic problems

Last week knew that they had not only overcome the disaster of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company received the greatest benefits in three years thanks to the upturn in sales of electronic components. Samsung Electronics is not on the tightrope, but its prestige is played with the next Galaxy S8. The growing number of rumors and leaks would show this interest in creating excitement.

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