The Samsung Galaxy S8 will radically change its front -


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Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will radically change its front

It seems that there is no day without its ration of news of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and is that they join the desire to know everything that concerns the mobile and Samsung's need to impact.

It is for this last that many rumors and leaks point to a much more substantial change than the one that supposed the passage of Galaxy S6 to Galaxy S7.

We have already discussed that this model will be one of the biggest front surface will occupied by the screen, something that from the Xiaomi Mi MIX seems key to all users.

Now begins to confirm the idea that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would dispense with the physical navigation elements, those that have been an icon in the family since the Samsung Galaxy S.

On-screen buttons ... pressure sensitive

In this way the two haptic buttons of the body would disappear, being integrated into the screen, using software, something we have seen on LG or Huawei mobile phones.

The same would happen with the central button, although this also includes the fingerprint sensor so it should move to another location, side or rear, but it does not seem to finally be under the screen.

As reported by David Ruddock , editor of Android Police, these new virtual keys would be sensitive to pressure indicating that the screen itself would be, something that has already been talking.

More personalization

In addition , the move keys of a physical area to a virtual allow customize them according to each user, something that already allow LG or Huawei either by altering the order thereof or by the inclusion of other buttons such as lower Notifications.

However all these rumors must be caught with some skepticism as they have not been confirmed and there is still time for Samsung in case you want to change something in the design of your new star terminal.

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