The "Shot on iPhone" advertising campaign continues -


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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The "Shot on iPhone" advertising campaign continues

Apple decided to show users all the goodness of the iPhone's camera . To do this, launched an advertising campaign that showed images taken with the iPhone 7. It is a very good way to make the mouth water many users with what an iPhone can do.

If the previous deliveries we loved, this delivery is the culmen. For these are images taken at night with an iPhone , so that there is no doubt what the iPhone 7 is capable of.

A night with the iPhone 7

The advertising campaign is named after a night with the iPhone 7 , using images taken around the world on November 5, 2016.

In this latest "Shot on iPhone" campaign, Apple has asked a group of photographers to capture images from dusk to dawn using the iPhone 7's low-light camera. Images taken of people and landscapes will be displayed in 25 countries since today.

Photographer Elsa Bleda took pictures of artists in Johannesburg, South Africa. Jennifer Bin captured her hometown, Shanghai, from its rooftops. Kristin Kelley captured Illinois night through the eyes of her son .

Photographers were not limited to taking pictures of their cities , other photographers like Reuben Wu traveled to Java, Indonesia, to photograph 130 active volcanoes using an iPhone 7 in a dron. Ruairidh McGlynn moved to Iceland to photograph the Arctic by the hand of a dog sled.

We do not know where the campaign is going to be seen right now. The "Shot on iPhone" advertising campaign uses photos from iPhone users, accompanied by tracks selected by Apple Music .

These ads will be shown on television, on posters and on their website . All the ads of this campaign, can be stored in its original quality without any impediment on the part of Apple.

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