The Snapdragon 835 completely filtered before CES 2017 -


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Monday, 2 January 2017

The Snapdragon 835 completely filtered before CES 2017

Just before its release at CES 2017 the Snapdragon 835 has been unveiled entirely through filtration of the slides in your presentation.

Qualcomm is in an enviable position right now, being the leader of a clear industry boom. However he can not fall asleep because a failure could make the rival ones to be thrown to the neck like sharks.

The slip of the overheating in the Snapdragon 810 was a hard blow and although the 820 and 821 were processors more than decent the industry demands a cycle of updates so high that year to year it is necessary to give a blow to the table.

2017 will be the Snapdragon 835 punch of the US company and the ESC has been chosen to show but a few days of it have event filtering slides that use the speakers to talk about it, thanks to which we have all its features .

More power, smaller size, lower consumption

In these images we see cold data but also some comparative in which we are shown how the Snapdragon 825 will behave, at least in theory, with respect to important Qualcomm processors such as 801 and 820.

With respect to the latter the Snapdragon 835 will be 27% more powerful, being smaller and consuming less energy, which will allow the mobiles are thinner, have bigger batteries and therefore, greater autonomies.

The GPU will be the Adreno 540, which will offer a color rendering range far superior to the current GPUs and will be able to render graphics 25% faster. For lovers of games this chip will be as important or more like the CPU itself.

Better connectivity, cameras and charging speed

This SoC will have an LTE x16 modem being the first processor to incorporate a modem at this speed.

The cameras will be able to focus even faster since here the speed that is able to develop the chip affects directly.

And when it comes to charging the batteries the Quick Charge 4 system will do it 25% faster than Quick Charge 3. In just 15 minutes we will have available 50% of the total battery.

The mobiles that will carry it

But it's not worth knowing how good the Snapdragon 835 if there are no phones to implement it.

Fortunately there are rumors that the LG G6 will be one of those who have but before we could even see it in the Xiaomi Mi 6 and a few weeks later on the Samsung Galaxy S8, or at least one of its variants since other are expected with the Exynos this year, the 8890 .

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