The Xiaomi Mi6 reappears, with specifications -


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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Xiaomi Mi6 reappears, with specifications

Last year if there was a Chinese brand that stood out, apart from Huawei that as you know is currently the third largest manufacturer of mobile phones, is Xiaomi, with permission from others such as OnePlus or Meizu. That is why this year we will be very attentive to all the news that bring us and that are supposed to replace the many mobiles that are part of its catalog. In this case we have filtered images and features of the Xiaomi Mi6. This Xiaomi Mi6 should be the one that replaces the best of Xiaomi in the year 2016.

The first thing to note is that, except change of plans last minute will be at MWC this year, in late February, when the company present the new Xiaomi MI6 of that today, as we say, we have leaked new data, Along with rumors of others that were already known.


It seems that Xiaomi has taken the fashion from other manufacturers and plans to take out two different versions of the Xiaomi Mi6. The main difference will be the form of the screen and the amount of RAM of each one of them. We will have a screen. The screen will be different in how the screen will be in that one of the versions will be flat screen and the other will have curved screen.

As for the RAM we will find a Xiaomi Mi6 flat with 4 GB of RAM and a Xiaomi Mi6 with a curved screen and, to give you greater differentiation you will have 6 GB of RAM. As for the processor will share the same two versions, the Snapdragon 835. What we assume is that, to give more exclusivity to the curved version, the clock frequency of the processor in both versions will be different.

They would also share rear camera configuration, carrying two such as the MI 5s Plus. Hopefully Xiaomi greatly improve the processing of the same to catch up if not longer Apple or Samsung yes at least Huawei or LG.


Both versions will have a 4000 mAh battery and will carry the fingerprint sensor in the front area. The massive production of this smartphone would begin this month with what is sure to see more leaks and images soon. The prices of these versions would be 1999 yuan for the Mi 6-screen TV and 4 GB of RAM and 2499 yuan for curved model with 6GB of RAM. About 275 and 340 euros respectively.

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