There would be new plans to introduce a new generation of Apple Watch this year

It seems that the Cupertino company has plans to introduce a new generation of Apple Watch in the third quarter of this year, as it reported Economic Daily News. Citing market observers, the report implies that the new smart watch will feature better performance and battery life.

The watch manufactured by Quanta Computer, which was the supplier responsible for building the first and second generation models, is expected to have longer battery life. It is likely that the hardware probably does not have many changes.

That last detail will disappoint customers who are not happy with the current second-generation Apple Watch hardware. Since the device was first introduced in the year 2014, the same thick and square design has been maintained through what have been 3 different models.

Earlier reports have suggested that the Cupertino company has greater ambitions for its smartwatch. Various rumors refer to the inclusion of a camera FaceTime, new types of health and fitness sensors and moving engine components such as haptic feedback to the watch band.

If this becomes reality, Apple is somewhat overworked, because big changes with the arrival of the iPhone 8 and new updates on the Mac desktop line and the line of iPads are expected.

This suggests that the company of cupertino probably has delays due to various problems in the presentation and delivery of its products, as happened with the new AirPods. Still, all this is a mere speculation and hopefully Apple's projects come to fruition.
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