This 2017 the new iPhone will come with a much smarter Siri than ever -


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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

This 2017 the new iPhone will come with a much smarter Siri than ever

Although we think that most users are still unaware of Siri's potential or simply are reluctant to use it, the reality is that Siri's virtual assistant is a very powerful tool that is stepping very hard this 2017 . However, Apple has been implementing improvements in Siri for months and coming to agreements with Artificial Intelligence companies or directly acquiring them - such as the Turi and Perceptio startups or the development of VocalIQ language processing - with only one objective: that Siri be the best Virtual assistant ever created . And his plan to conquer the world begins this same 2017.

Because the new iPhone that see the light during the tenth anniversary of the launch of its iconic first iPhone will carry a Siri much more powerful and intelligent than the previous ones , although still it is not known exactly in what will improve. And is that Apple has gotten into the mud to get the best virtual assistant.

As you recall, Siri was victorious by comparison with Google Assistant , but it is that Amazon's Alexa has little to envy and it is already known that Samsung goes hunting with his own assistant Bixby, who will see the light of the hand of the Galaxy S8 . Regarding Huawei or LG, it is known that employ Alexa and Google AI respectively.

So far, Siri has received widespread criticism for not understanding the orders too well, have enough limitations in terms of functions - from now with the new update of WhatsApp you can send and read messages with Siri -, do not contextualize properly and already directly lacking as The Health section . Come on, to this day, Siri has few lights.

But as we say, all these Siri enhancements would come with iOS 11 , which we'll probably see in action during the Developer World Conference in June and will be released in the fall alongside the long-awaited iPhone 8 or iPhone X , according to With traditional Apple calendars.

Via | Appleinsider

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