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Friday, 6 January 2017

This app will help you find your lost AirPods

Software developers have the ability to find the ideal opportunity to shape their ideas through lines of code that shape an application. This time they found the perfect excuse to develop an app that makes it easier to search for the lost AirPods.

The search engine Airpods is a new iPhone app that aims to alleviate concern the user losing their new wireless headphones. By wirelessly signing up your AirPods, the application can search for missing headsets and even inform you if you are getting near or away from the AirPods location.

Once you've noticed that you've lost an AirPod, just open the app on your iPhone to find your wireless headset (or headphones), close the lid of your carrying case and move around the area where you suspect You have lost it. The application meter will tell you whether you are approaching or moving away from the AirPod.

Given that the AirPods have cost $ 160 and Apple charges $ 70 to replace each lost headset, spend a few dollars on this application does not seem a bad idea because it can be useful if you lose a headset, and is too far or hidden for You can hear its sound.

Obviously this is a disadvantage for AirPods, since they are relatively easy to lose and their parts are somewhat expensive. However, in the last few months new accessories have appeared that make wireless headphones not lost so easily, such as a latex band at the ends of which will be Airpods.

Now it adds this application that certainly opens a new market for developers of iOS apps.

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