This could be the definitive farewell to the iconic iPhone Home Button -


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Monday, 23 January 2017

This could be the definitive farewell to the iconic iPhone Home Button

When Apple withdrew Slide to Unlock functionality on iOS 10 the company received a lot of criticism from iPhone and iPad users. When they removed the 3.5mm jack for the EarPods, it happened more of the same. Would it happen again with the removal of the Home button?

Rumors about the iPhone 8 suggest that Apple is planning to remove the Home physical button on the iPhone (and probably also the iPad) to integrate a new button on the touch screen that would have 3D Touch and Touch ID.

It seems the natural evolution of the technology implemented in the hardware of Apple's mobile devices . IPhone and iPad users will miss the iconic Home button but still, and as is often the case in the industry, this innovative change will bring advantages and disadvantages.

Are we facing the final goodbye of the iPhone Home button?

Last year with the launch of the iPhone 7 the Cupertino company completely redesigned the Home button of their smartphones incorporating a technology able to simulate the pressure of a physical button through a tactical motor integrated in the hardware of the terminals.

But with the iPhone 8 the change could be even more drastic. The smartphone that revolutionized the mobile phone industry would lose one of its most popular features: the Home button.

Certainly the removal of a physical Home button on the iPhone 8 would mean the disappearance of the annoying and uncomfortable problems caused by the button: errors with the Touch ID functionality, malfunction, button sinking and repairs every two to three.

According to the latest rumors, the new home touch button integrated in the screen would have Touch ID support and compatibility with 3D Touch by applying a new biometric system on their sensors. For its part, the OLED screen would disappear the side bezels and the lower bezel , offering a totally new experience to iPhone users.

What do you think about this innovative strategy? Do you think Apple will dare to remove the physical Home button? Would you miss it? Have you ever had problems with your Home button?

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