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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

This is all you can do with 3D Touch on your iPhone

You should already be familiar with the long-tap functionality in iOS. Like when you hold down an icon on the screen and they start to vibrate. If you hit harder on the screen, you'll trigger quick action with 3D Touch .

Think of the 3D Touch as the right button on the iPhone screen . This functionality reveals hidden options and gives you shortcuts to certain actions. It's been more than a year since the functionality was implemented on the iPhone 6s and it's starting to really come in handy.

Everything you can do with 3D Touch

Application icons

First start by making 3D Touch the application icons on your Home screen. You will find very useful shortcuts. They are great for getting into a particular app function.

Use 3D Touch in an app, then slide to an option and release your finger. VoilĂ ! You just activate an option without lifting your finger.

Open multitasking

This works best if you do not have a very thick case on your iPhone . At the left edge of the screen, do 3D Touch until it vibrates. At that point, slide to the right. This will open the multitasking on your iPhone.

If you do not lift your finger once the multitasking appears, you will slide to the least used app .


In iOS 10 the notifications are interactive , and some applications will show you a preview of the message if you do 3D Touch on the notification.

They can also show you contextual options such as retweet a Tweet or mute a conversation in Facebook Messenger.

If you do 3D Touch on the delete icon of the notification center, you can delete all the apps with a stroke.


If you do 3D Touch in a link, you will see a preview of the page that is hosted on that link . If you want to open the page you just have to press deeper. Apple calls this functionality Peek and Pop.

Control center

The four buttons in the last row of the control center are sensitive to the 3D Touch , so you can make them 3D Touch to get quick action from them.

Converts the keyboard to a mouse

If you do 3D Touch on either side of the keyboard , it will become a mouse. Swipe up, down, left or right to move the cursor. Press again to activate text selection.


If you do 3D Touch in a folder with notifications you will see that notifications correspond to each app in the folder .

Applications downloading

If you do 3D Touch in applications downloading you can cancel download, pause or make it a priority .


If you do 3D Touch in a contact you will get all the actions you can do with it .


If you do 3D Touch on a song, playlist or album you will get a context menu.


In the messages app you also have some functions that you can activate with 3D Touch .

Send effects , 3D Touch on the blue arrow and you will get the option to send the message in a bubble or with effects.

When you do 3D Touch in the contact image, you will see all your information .

If you do 3D Touch in a conversation from the app's home screen you will have a preview of the conversation .

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