This is the new Theater Mode in watchOS 3.2 -


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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

This is the new Theater Mode in watchOS 3.2

Apple does nothing that has released the first beta of watchOS 3.2 for developers, and has included in this update the new Theater Mode. Functionality we had been waiting for months and we could not stop speculating.

At last it is in our Apple Watch, good in ours not. It is in the Apple Watch of the developers who have brought us a video describing the new Theater Mode of watchOS 3.2.

The Theater Mode under the magnifying glass

Theater Mode is designed to let users remove the sound from the Apple Watch and disable the Raise to Wake function, preventing the smart watch screen from being turned on with arm movement.

The Theater Mode can be accessed by sliding up from the clock face by activating the Control Center. It is under the option of silencing the Apple Watch and releases an icon with two theater masks.

When you activate the Theater Mode, you prevent the Apple Watch from making any sound and keeping the clock display off, even if you move your arm. The notifications keep coming, but we will only be warned by a vibration. You can activate the screen by clicking on it or clicking on the digital crown.

WatchOS 3.2 is expected to be released to the public in March, this update also brings SiriKit to Apple Watch. Allowing users to expand their relationship with Siri through the clock. Being able to ask for many more actions like sending messages, making payments ...

There is no doubt that this update is more than expected by Apple Watch users, many times we have had to shut down our Apple Watch because it bothered in places like cinema or theater. Now, thanks to this function we will not have to do it.

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