This is why Apple has not submitted anything at CES -


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Saturday, 7 January 2017

This is why Apple has not submitted anything at CES

There are two places that can be considered the Disneyland of the engineer: one is the MIT and the other is the CES, the annual fair Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas . There we can see smart refrigerators - we can implement in our fridge for relatively little money -, video games, smart ring and many other things we did not know could exist but without which we can not live. Or if.

And yet, the most innovative and successful company on the planet in terms of technology is not in the CES. In case there is any doubt, I was referring to Apple. Yes, there are quite presenting accessories and apps for iPhone but draws attention to the absence of Cupertino companies.

Maybe it's because you do not need: to call a press conference and has all global spotlight placed on top. Likewise, Apple does not see itself as a surprising gadget supplier in competition with the rest. No, because Apple comes to create need, to fill a void that you did not know existed with something that already existed but has been redefined by them.

In the latest editions of CES increasingly find more gadgets like hair brush with Wi-fi , underwear smart or intelligent feeder that good pets ... they are the less eccentric and original, but now. Apple itself is elegance, efficiency, practicality ... something that clashes with this increasingly extravagant showcase.

In addition, many of those things die of success at CES itself and do not go much further, gadgets that are cool but you probably never buy them. Others fail for complex reasons, such as the automotive industry and its insurmountable entry barriers. When Apple introduces something is not a prototype: it is ready to be released.

Finally, we believe Apple avoids quantitative battles, those in which it is argued with percentages and numbers. Apple is selling an experience, something overall - eye, do not say it is something good- and their reasons have. This is not the first time we've seen how a slower a priori processor offers better performance on a Mac than in Windows.

Apple does like gadgets

In fact this year has launched two: AirPods and Apple Watch 2 . This has meant a high investment in development and integration with the rest of its devices. He has also dabbled with technologies doubtful usability or profitability as AirPlay or HomeKit , which opens the door to smart appliances, which manufactures the staggering amount of 0. But could.

Other lines of innovation in which Apple seems immersed are HealthKit and less integration with smart cars by carplay . In any case, at least it offers interesting lines exploitation and development for others.

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