This new WhatsApp scam has deceived more than 260,000 people -


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Sunday, 8 January 2017

This new WhatsApp scam has deceived more than 260,000 people

This new WhatsApp scam, which currently affects Brazil, has deceived more than 260,000 people by 2017. Beware, it is very likely that it reaches your mobile.

Social networking and messaging environments are proliferating scams. Because it is very easy to distribute them in these channels and by their own conception: due to virality, this type of scams extends to millions of users. WhatsApp is the most prone to them, not in vain is the most used Android application. And a recent scam is wreaking havoc.

An application that promises extra functions for WhatsApp

The reason for the scam is not new: more than once we have received news about deceptions style " install new emoticons in your WhatsApp" or "get video calls". According to reports from Brazil, the message that circulates promises to inform of all the people who have added you in your WhatsApp. With this hook the creators of the scam victims get install a malicious Apk.

Usually this is usually the case in this and other messaging applications: an attachment that, once installed, makes the attacked mobile vulnerable. They also tend to point to hook webs prepared for the phone number or bank details, other scams currently circulating.

The deception of the application that reported contacts WhatsApp has attracted more than 260,000 so far unwary 2017, all in Brazil. The scam is currently circulating in that country, but will soon arrive in Spain. In this format or another similar: never download or install a file from which you do not know its origin. And he distrusts of the chats with resigns of the style "Share this message with X people": its motivation is to extend the scam to the maximum possible.

Uncheck the "Unknown Origins" box on the phones you have to charge

We know that most smartphone users do not know how their phone works 100%, so scam artists take advantage. The best way aPKs not installed malicious is that you disable the box "Unknown sources" in the industry of those who ask advice. Family, friends ...

WhatsApp scams are cyclical and all are based on trust. Never rely on messages and bulk forwarding, especially when you are invited to download a file or guide you to a website where you must enter your data. And extend as much as you can this way of acting, only this way we can eradicate the scams.

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