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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Tutorial: How to jailbreak an iPhone 6s TSMC with iOS 10.1.1

Although the jailbreak of iOS 10.1.1 and takes some weeks between us, it is in beta, so besides presenting some mistakes, it is only compatible with a number of specific devices.

Well, although compatible devices are the iPhone 6s, it must have a processor manufactured by Samsung, because in case of a TSMC will not be possible to carry out the process.

Well, luckily, a foreign developer Luca Todesco has published a method with which it is possible to jailbreak any iPhone 6s TSMC that has iOS 10.1.1, so if that is your case, just have to follow The following steps.

How to jailbreak an iPhone 6s TSMC with iOS 10.1.1

  • Download the third beta of 10.1.1 iOS jailbreak from here .
  • Download the modified to add support for the iPhone 6s TSMC from plist file here .
  • Rename to .zip the .ipa file you downloaded in the first step.
  • Open the file and access the "/ contents" path.
  • Copy and replace the file you downloaded in the second step.
  • Rename the .zip file to .ipa again.
  • Follow our tutorial to perform the jailbreak.

  • Note: It is possible that at the end of the March_Portal jailbreak and Cydia application from working properly, an error that must be addressed with a second reboot.

You see, the process is very fast and easy to perform, and it is not necessary to wait for Luca Todesco launch a new version of its jailbreak to add compatibility, so if you rely on an iPhone 6s TSMC and been waiting for this Moment, you can carry it out.

Moreover, it seems that sn0wlist, the developer who has made this possible, plans to add in the coming hours compatibility with other devices like the iPhone 6, so remain alert to warn as quickly as possible. 

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