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Sunday, 22 January 2017

We clear all doubts about the iPhone warranty year

One of the thorniest issues we encounter when we purchase an Apple product is its well-known one-year warranty policy . We all twist the nose because it is vox populi that in Spain by law the guarantee is two years. We know that Apple is a special company, but we are all equal before the law, are not we? With this post we intend to clear all doubts regarding the iPhone warranty, and by extension, any other Apple product.

Apple's One-Year Limited Warranty

As we mentioned, Apple itself expressly states that its Limited Warranty has one year of coverage, but that if we contract the AppleCare, we will have covered up to three years of our iPhone. Is Apple violating the law to sell your Apple Care product? Well, no. What Apple means is that we have 365 days from the time we buy a product to, in case of detecting any failure, that Apple repairs us without any explanation.

And this in itself is better than the standard guarantees, in which during the first 6 months of use it is assumed that the fault is factory, but after these 6 months in some cases we must prove that the failure was intrinsic to our device.

To process the repair, remember that you can approach an Apple Store, authorized store to sell these products or contact Apple Support from its official website .

But the law requires two years of guarantee

The Guarantee Law according to the community consumer legislation dictates that the seller must take care of the faults that a product or service presents until the term of two years from its acquisition. So, what happens if my iPhone starts giving problems for no apparent reason from the first year?

As required by European law, it is the seller who must take charge at no cost to you .

That is, you must go to the establishment where you bought your iPhone and manage the repair for free - yes, watch out for the warranty coverage, remember what Apple says about the water resistance of iPhone 7 , to put a Recent example - either an Apple Store, an authorized retailer or the Apple website.

So, what is AppleCare for?

The AppleCare is an additional insurance extends the warranty of our iPhone unlimited . In addition, it offers all these extras:

Repair and service on Apple Store without expertise

Telephone service during the warranty period.

Home delivery of the product in case of repair or replacement

Total Battery Coverage

In short, although sometimes we complain about the cost of Apple products, the reality is that the Cupertino have one of the best after-sales services in the market and that, when we have a problem, it shows. Still, if you plan to have your device for more than 2 years, certainly value the acquisition of AppleCare.

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