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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

What features keeps the iPhone after 10 years

As you well know, the iPhone meets today 10 years since the initial launch of the first model sold: iPhone 2G.

Since then, the iPhone has undergone great changes both at design and hardware level. And, of course, its software has also evolved over time ...

However, and interestingly, there are some aspects that remain the same on the iPhone after 10 years. Join us to find out what features the iPhone holds.

The iPhone has changed a lot, but some things remain the same ...

The iPhone 2G revolutionized the world of mobile telephony, especially its 3.5-inch touch screen. But it has evolved a lot since then, now their successors have better cameras, many more features, and better design adapted to our times.

But as we mentioned before, the original iPhone and the current iPhone have some things in common. First, Apple still uses LCD technology in their touchscreens, but not for long as it is speculated that the iPhone 8 will have a screen with OLED technology .

In addition, the iPhone battery was also 2G-ion battery, and hardware had a proximity sensor and an accelerometer.

Additionally , the original iPhone had something else in common with the iPhone 7 today, its iconic Home button. Although that yes, it is necessary to recognize that with the passage of the time the button of initiation of the iPhone has been changing enough. First, the square was drawn has disappeared, and now also the iPhone 7 has become a capacitive touch button that simulates the pressure by an integrated hardware táptico in its engine. In fact, it is possible that the physical Home button will eventually disappear on the iPhone 8.

Finally, other aspects of the design continue to remain on the iPhone 7. For example, iSight camera position, rounded edges, Apple logo on the back cover ...

On the other hand, as a matter of interest, it is noteworthy to mention that to this day the iPhone 2G is still quite expensive. In fact, interestingly the original iPhone is much more expensive and more valuable than the current iPhone in July.

Comparison iPhone 2G vs iPhone 7 - 2016

What other features do you think the current iPhone still keeps from the original iPhone? Participate in the comments!

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