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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

What you should know about iOS jailbreak 10.1 - 10.1.1 iOS

Compatibility with devices

  • iPad Pro
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus

However, only supports the iPhone 6s, 6s iPhone SE Plus and iPhone uses chips produced by Samsung. If you are using TSMC chip devices, use the jailbreak tool follow this link: link 1 or link 2


IOS jailbreak tool 10 remains in the "Semi-Untethered". It means that after rebooting your device, the tweak that you have installed will not work and your device will also be made to the state before the jailbreak. To fix this, you open the application mach_portal and reattempt the jailbreak.

AppSync caused Boot Loop (equipment continuously reboot)

This problem occurs because AppSync not yet compatible with iOS 10. Absolutely not install AppSync when no information from Cydia.vn .

Guide to jailbreak iOS 10

You can jailbreak iOS 10 with detailed instructions here . This tool works on all common 2 operating system is Mac and Windows.

Answers a number of issues related to jailbreak iOS 10

Should jailbreak iOS 10 at the present time?

This is your own choice, if you are quite experienced in the jailbreak and can run well terminal commands, you can use the tool to jailbreak it unstable. This is a beta version and is only recommended for developers. CydiaSubstrate is disabled by default, so you need to activate it after every reboot and use mach_portal.

Should use the "Erase All Content & Settings (delete all and reset)" in Settings?

Do not use this feature if you have not encountered the situation reluctantly. The indiscriminate use will lead to error "Could not open file / var / lib / dpkg / status - open (2: no such file or directory)". However, you can fix the error according to the instructions below.

Why Apple ID and password, you can not use to install the jailbreak tool?

Make sure your Apple ID without myemail+apple@gmail.com format. IOS jailbreak tool 10 can not be used with the email function "+" sign.

How to fix mobile data, iMessage or FaceTime does not work?

You can fix mobile data, iMessage or FaceTime does not work according to the instructions below:

Receive the error message "provision.cpp: 150 Please Sign in with an app password spesific" after logging Apple ID and password.

Step 1: Go to page https://appleid.apple.com and log

Step 2: Click on "Edit" on the right side of the "Security"

Step 3: Find "APP-SPECIFIC passwords" and click "Generate Password ..."

Enter anything that you want to stay as a password, and click Create

Copy and paste your new password in Cydia Impactor is OK

Should I install this tweak and SubstrateFix YUCCA?

The installation and use this tweak will cause many negative consequences in the future. I absolutely do not recommend that you install and use YUCCA and SubstrateFix. See this tweet and tweet and Saurik's comments on this issue .

How to activate Cydia Substrate?

You can activate the Cydia Substrate according to this guide

Can I install Open SSH?

Not! Currently OpenSSH are not yet compatible with iOS jailbreak tool 10. The intentional setting will cause an adverse effect on your equipment.

After using the "Restart SpringBoard" in Cydia, I'm stuck in a blue screen. What should I do?

This happens due to trying to access Cydia again when you select Restart SpringBoard backboard, it will cause conflicts on your device. To fix this problem, you need to use the Terminal and type the command 'killall -9 SpringBoard', then your device will be able to respring normally. However, this does not apply to all the tweaks.

This jailbreak tool can be used how long?

You need to reinstall mach_portal after 7 days (unless you have a developer account, then this tool will be extended to one year).

Is Tweak 'X' was compatible with this jailbreak?

You can monitor the list of iOS compatible tweak in the top 10.

How to disable a software update via OTA?

You can follow this tutorial .

When you open a link in any Cydia, my device appears only a black screen and no reload.

This is a small error of the current version of the jailbreak, you just stroking the touch 1 link, it will operate normally. This error has been fixed on Cydia 1.1.28 beta and will soon be launched in the near future.

If we are installing a beta version of iOS Jailbreak 10, I could upgrade to the official version when it came out officially?

Neck. What you need to do is just delete the app from your device mach_portal and then install the new IPA via Cydia Impactor, and performed the same as when you first jailbreak.

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